Lizard Spit Cleaning Products

America’s Spit Shine

Before + After Guitar cleaned with Lizard SpitLizard Spit Cleaning Products is America’s premier brand of cleaners, polishers, and accessories for musicians. Their products are all Eco-Friendly, and they make something to facilitate virtually every aspect of your instrument’s care, including:

  • Guitar Polish
  • Nut Lubricant
  • String Lube
  • Fret Board Cleaner
  • Fret Board Conditioner
  • Fret Polishing System
  • Scratch & Scuff Remover
  • NEVER-Gloss Cleaner (for matte finishes)
  • Vintage Instrument Polish
  • Microfiber Polish Cloth

… and for the rest of the band:

  • Microphone Sanitizer
  • Cymbal Polish
  • Drum Shell Cleaner / Polish