WB Gear Endorsement FAQ's

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What is an Endorsement?

An endorsement is when a company believes in the success of a band or artist so much that they are willing to offer the band or artist price discounts on products in order to help them succeed. In exchange the band is to proudly promote this company every way they can. (Example - Posting logos and links back to Endorsers).

What is WB Gear?

WB Gear is a Gear & Artist Relations Company.

What does this mean?

This means we are here to help hard working determined artists/bands get the gear they need to do what they do best "Rock Out". WB Gear works with several "Gear Related" companies so being endorsed by us opens doors to endorsements by several different Music Gear Related Companies.

What Gear Companies are you currently working with?

SIT Strings

SIT Strings: Website

InTune GP

In-TuneGP Website


BigBends Website

Mental Case

Prestige Guitars Website


GuitarGifts4U.com Website


Guitar-Cable.com Website

Mental Case

Mental Case Website


*IMPORTANT - None of the companies above are in anyway directly affliated with each other. The only ties between them are WB Gear. This means DO NOT contact (Company A) about an order you placed with (Company B), contact WB Gear directly using this Contact Form.

Who is "READY" for an endorsement? /
What is WB Gear looking for?

We believe that Endorsements are like a reward to bands who have put the time and dedication into their music and really believe in what they are doing. Although we have no set criteria for who qualifies for an endorsement. Here are some things we think you should ask yourself if you are serious about having success in this industry:

  • Have you established yourself on the internet?
  • Are you touring? Recording?
  • Are you in need of large orders of strings & picks due to gigs & touring?
  • Are people listening to you? (MySpace stats)
  • Have you figured out that music is a balance between business and pleasure?
  • You tell us why you are ready!!!

What if I work in the industry and could use this gear, but don't play in a band?

So you are a road tech, sound tech, club or show promoter, manager, studio owner or something of that sort? We can help you too. Please fill out the

Do I have to sign a contract?

We believe in helping and providing good products to our artists. If you don't feel the product or service is right for you, then you are free to go your own way. You reading and accepting these terms is binding however. So if you disagree with anything found on this page, then perhaps WB Gear is not for you.

Can I sell this stuff?

Endorsements are provided to artists/bands to aid them in their journey to musical success. Not so they can act as distributors and profit from their endorsement. We ask that nothing be sold for at least 12 months. However we do realize that in some circumstances with some products, you may need to sell some items in this time frame. Please use discretion when doing so.
Example: Buying strings and re-selling them is STRICKLY FORBIDEN.
These companies make little or nothing from your "ENDORSED ORDER". So in order for these companies to be able to cut you this break, they need retail stores to keep the demand up for their product. But when you sell strings to your "friends band" or anyone else, then that is a sale that is lost by the local music store and a sale that is lost by the company that cut you a break in the first place. If you are believed to be using your endorsement for profiting financially rather than the purpose it was given for, you will sacrifice your endorsement.

Can I give my friend's band some stuff to try?

Absolutely! Part of your task as an endorsed artist is to use our product proudly and try to get others to want to use it. If that means tossing them some strings to try on their axe or a handful of picks to rip out that next solo then do it up and make sure you tell them they are using the best damn gear ever!
Tell them where you got it and where they can get it

WB Gear

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